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Know Your Personal Computer

Computers have spread like wildfire over the last 30 years whether it is communication or entertainment, education or cooking for that matter. Many accessories connect with computers nowadays in lots of ways; it will be unfair never to be aware of your computer hardware. Let us discuss the fundamentals of computer hardware to help keep ourselves updated and have fun playing the IT age. 

From the nonprofessional perspective, a pc system has two main components that are powered by a wider level which is actually) Computer (CPU) and b) Monitor or Visual Screen (VDU). Besides both of these, a port set up is necessary in order to utilize computer say for example a keyboard, mouse, joystick etc. A Keyboard is among the most used bills. The input devices which might be available today.

A monitor acts in a manner that displays the output towards the user and so on a higher classification level, they are mainly two types: Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and Flat Screen monitor. Flat monitors can be a recent advancement in technology and so is lot better in performance with reduced power requirements.

Your brain from the computer, CPU is the central part of your computer hardware and possesses many components inside for example disk drive (HDD), motherboard, ram (RAM), processor, sound card, graphic card, USB port, and compact disc/DVD disc drive.

The HDD will be the main facility on the computer where all the, information is stored as if your documents, music files etc.

The motherboard, as suggested by its name, may be the main component where several other components are located for example the RAM, Sound Card, USB Ports, and the entire circuitry.



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